Returning to MSW:  Saturday, May 6th
Superhero 5K Run & Kids' Fun Run/Walk

Join us on our beautiful country campus just outside Westminster for a healthy morning of running, walking, laughter, and fun!  This year's event will be held on Saturday, May 6th starting at 9 AM.  Proceeds will benefit MSW.  Sponsorship opportunities are available; please click here for your Sponsorship Packet!  Need a Pledge Form to get your personal sponsors in place?--Click here!
Wear your favorite superhero costume!  
For more information, please contact Shannin Sheasby at or by calling 410.848.6283.


After a day of running and fun, prepare to relax with fantastic sound:

SOUNDS OF SPIRIT ~ Music for the Inner Journey
Saturday, May 6th beginning at 7:30 PM (Doors open at 7 PM--arrive early to prepare your personal space)
UTZ Field House at the 
MSW Campus:  1055 Montessori Drive, Westminster, Maryland  21158  

With Jim Thomas, Paul Thomas, Pitz Quattorne, & David Powell.

Using chant, overtone singing, didgeridoo, synthesizer, tongue drum, ocarina, shruti box, the tambur, and other elemental textures, Jim Thomas (acupuncturist and musician), Paul Thomas (sound healer and musician), Pitz Quattrone (didgeridoo teacher, performer, and builder), and David Powell (musician and student of Native American traditions) create together a powerful meditative experience guided by sound and rhythm.  Participants are immersed in a deeply relaxing and tranformative soundscape which can act as a potent catalyst for:

  • Stress relief
  • Emotional release & clarity
  • Inner stillness
  • Intuitive insight, transcendental awareness, & spiritual connection

Please bring something comfortable to lie on (i.e., thick cushion or blankets -- one yoga won't do!), a warm covering, and a pillow.  Eye shades, water bottle, and journal are recommended as well.  Concert cost is $35 per person.  Doors open at 7 PM.  This is an adult-only event.  Space is limited; register early.

To register, go to:

For more information, visit:

When a musician works with sound, it is as if he or she were placing an ear on the heart of nature.  
The musician perceives the will of nature and the cosmos and gives it back in a melody.

            ~~Fabien Maman

Expansion at the Montessori School of Westminster:
The South Pavilion adds expanded use to our auxilliary building, the UTZ Field House

The Montessori School of Westminster (MSW) has completed its latest campus expansion project.  The construction of the South Pavilion addition to the UTZ Field House provides more space for art, music, environmental education, and other special activities.  And with the addition of new restrooms, the pre-existing public space provided by the UTZ Field House is more convenient than ever!  Students at the Montessori School of Westminster have space sufficient to gather.  All grades, from our two-year-old program--"Beginnings"--through our Middle School program can share the same space for community-oriented activities like the holiday singalong enjoyed by all.  The space provided by the UTZ Field House not only will house the entire student body; it is large enough to bring together the families of the students as well.  No matter the weather, events at MSW are pleasant in the shelter of the UTZ Field House.  The South Pavilion expands the offerings our students enjoy on a regular basis.  Visit our campus to see our completed expansion!

Registration for School Year 2017-2018

At the Montessori School of Westminster, Open Enrollment for students new to our school begins each year on March 1st.  Families who've submitted applications for their child and moved through the admissions process receive notification of decisions regarding acceptance to the school.  Applications are accepted year-round.  When programs are full, a pool of candidates for admissions awaits positions that may become available for the upcoming school year and beyond.  We have limited spaces available in certain program levels.  More information can be found here or by calling our offices at 410.848.6283.

 ACCREDITATION - What it Means
The Montessori School of Westminster received notice from the Executive Director of the Association of Independent Maryland & DC Schools (AIMS) that we successfully attained re-accreditation after a year-long rigorous evaluation and follow-up process.  Here's what the Executive Director had to say in his letter to us: Upon the recommendation of the Accreditation Committee, the AIMS Board of Trustees voted unanimously to reaccredit the Montessori School of Westminster for a ten-year period.  On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I wish to extend our sincere congratulations to you, your faculty and staff, and the entire School community for the successful completion of this important process.  
Our re-accreditation process was a dual process wherein we were evaluated not only by AIMS but also by our other oversight organization, the American Montessori Society (AMS).  As we embark on our 41st year of providing quality education to our students, we proudly convey to our families and prospective families who consider our school for their children's education this accomplishment.
From an enrollment perspective, please consider accreditation as you search for the right school for your child. In addition to the oversight provided by organizations like AIMS and AMS who are dedicated to exceptional achievement in education, MSW holds high standards for its faculty, beyond even that which is mandated by AMS.  Each classroom guide, in addition to his or her college training, undergoes a two-year process, not unlike the rigor of a master's degree program, to obtain the coveted Montessori credential.  We are also approved by the Maryland State Department of Education.  
As you shop for your child's education, ask what standards distinguish the schools you're considering.  The Montessori School of Westminster welcomes your inquiries.  For additional information about our affiliations, please visit the following websites:  AIMS  -; AMS -
The INNOVATOR, the MSW Newsletter, is now available!
Our school year newsletter provides insights into the programs and events at the Montessori School of Westminster.  You'll want to know what makes a Montessori education different from more traditional methods.  Read articles prepared by our faculty to better understand how a Montessori education serves students.  Take a look! Here's your link to our next edition of The Innovator!
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