Classroom Observations

Classroom Observations

Montessori School of Westminster Classroom Observations

See the classroom come alive!  Schedule your observation to watch the class in action during morning hours between mid-October and mid-May.  Please call the Admissions Office at 410.848.6283 to schedule a time to observe.  Observations are for one or two visiting adults--we are unable to provide childcare during observations.

Beginnings Classroom Primary Classrooms Elementary School Middle School
Ages 2 & 3

Ages 3 through the kindergarten level

Lower (1st, 2nd, 3rd) & Upper (4th, 5th, 6th) 7th, 8th & 9th grades
Monday - Friday Monday - Friday Monday - Friday  Monday - Friday 

You may also register online to visit an Open House.

Journey of Discovery

The Journey of Discovery is an event designed to help you determine if the Montessori School of Westminster is right for your family.  The Journey of Discovery is a fall event at MSW; the date is announced when the academic year begins.

Part 1 involves coming to the school  and silently walking through each program, carefully observing the environment in each classroom. After the walk through the classrooms, there will be a short discussion of your observations.

Part 2 involves exploring materials as they are used in the Montessori classroom with the assistance of a guide (teacher) at each level.   Afterwards, you can discuss your experiences with the guide or the Head of School.

Call us at 410.848.6283 to schedule your classroom observation or to attend the Journey of Discovery.